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Contact details:

Boots & Woods
Wieder 8A
1648 GB De Goorn
The Netherlands

T: +31 (0)299 - 54 20 20
E: info@bootsandwoods.nl
W: www.bootsandwoods.com

Accounting details:

IBAN: NL65 RABO 03 19 46 68 33
CC 68 82 04 10
V.A.T.: NL08 57 60 63 35 B01

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Boots and Woods is your supplier when it comes to exclusive handmade boots where quality is highly valued. In our Spanish workshops all our models are made by hand in the traditional way, using only natural materials.

We are committed to high quality with a sophisticated stylish look while keeping a very good price/quality ratio and a unique customer friendliness service. In the future we will be introducing our products in some other European countries, such as Germany, Belgium and Scandinavia.