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At CarniVoer we want to make a major contribution to the health of dogs and cats.
Nutrition is an important part of health. But by only giving good nutrition you cannot enforce health.

Health is not for sale. Good nutrition, from CarniVoer, is for sale.
Giving good exercise to your animal is free.
With these three things we offer you the opportunity to get and keep your animal (s) as healthy as possible. And that you need as little as possible a vet.

Bike Guide

From the start in 2014, Bike Guide has been active in mountain bike rental in the Netherlands!
We have a large fleet of Kona Mountain Bikes here we can provide groups of small to large with mountain bikes!
Because we are mobile, rental is possible at any location!

Guidance during the trip or a challenging technique training is also possible from beginner to advanced!

Since 2018 Bike Guide also offers mountain bike trips! from XC to Enduro!
This in the most beautiful Bike Areas in Europe!

DogWalkTrail organizes activities, weekends and trips for owner and dog on land and water.

Nothing is more fun to go out with your dog, a day on the road or rather a holiday. We offer walks in beautiful locations, canoe and sup activities in beautiful nature reserves in the Netherlands, Belgium and beyond. The dog is central to all activities and we offer a unique experience that you just have to experience. We now have a large group of fanatics who go along more often ...


My name is Lisa van Zoest (25), graduated bachelor of science Exercise therapist Mensendieck. September 2018 I started the training Osteopathy at Sutherland Academy, Amsterdam. My passion is dance and from an early age I was intrigued by the body and its movements. Through dance I also came into contact with the course Mensendieck Exercise Therapy. I am constantly developing myself and try to apply my knowledge as much as possible in the things I am passionate about. Movement, lifestyle & nutrition are the keywords of life.

Offering appropriate care and listening to each his own individual needs are key points for a healthy and happy life!

Body solid is an all-encompassing concept in the healthcare sector. I will further develop myself in this as a Health professional -Lisa van Zoest