To keep Boots and Woods boots nice and sleek in shape, we have a boot tensioner that is suitable for all sizes of boots. Also handy is our long shoehorn to easily step into your boot. To keep the heel neat, and yet easy to get out of your boot, a super nice wooden boot jack.

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Schoenlepel - Shoehorn

Chrome shoehorn with a length of 50 cm with hook. Super handy to easily put on our boots.

€ 15,00

Laarzenspanner XL 36 cm - Bootshaper

To keep our boots nice and tight in shape, we have several boot banners.It has a length of 32 cm and for larger sizes (size 40 to size 47)Also available in length 24 cm.

€ 22,00

Houten laarzenknecht - Wooden Boot Pullout

To keep the Boots and Woods boots nice and tight in shape.A practical wooden boot servant for easy, without having to bend, to get out of your boot and to keep the heel neat. With anti-slip points and beautiful Boots & Woods logo on it.

€ 20,00