About our boots

About our boots

The boots, shoes and accessories from Boots & Woods are special. They are not only timeless but are also of superior quality. That is why we use a number of standards when selecting our products and suppliers.

Hecho and España

Our boots, shoes, bags and belts are made in Spain by local suppliers.

Pure nature

All our boots are made from natural materials such as calf and goat skin.

High quality

Because Boots and Woods always wants to be able to stand behind its products, we have only included high-quality products in our collection. Our boots, shoes and accessories are manufactured in craft factories where the attention to the products and their quality are still central. Almost all our boots and shoes are made according to
the GoodYearWelted © method, or stitched over the entire lasts.

Unlike with glued soles, a flexible framework is sewn to the midsole. This makes the boot many times more flexible and therefore ensures a running without getting tired. In a time frame of about 15 days of wear, the shoe adapts completely to the anatomy of the foot and not the other way round. In the ventilating waterproof cork layer between insole and outsole, the foot itself provides the impression and retention of the individual shape of the foot: a wonderfully comfortable footbed that also insulates naturally against moisture and rising cold.

Direct contact

We at Boots & Woods choose our suppliers with care and maintain daily contact with them. In this way we can monitor the quality of our boots and other products and discuss the wishes of our customers directly with the suppliers.Convinced of our products?

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