About our boots

Boots and Shoes from Boots and Woods

About our boots

All boots, shoes and accessories of Boots & Woods are special. They are not only timeless, classical, stylish but also of superior quality. To reach such high levels we must have selected traditional suppliers with highly skilled craftsmen.

Hecho and Espana

Our boots, shoes, bags and belts are made in Spanish workshops.

Pure Quality

All our boots are made from natural materials.

Top grade quality

Boots and Woods policy is to sell high quality products, we have only high quality products in our collection. Our boots, shoes and accessories are handmade in the traditional way where the attention to the products and its quality is central. Virtually all our boots and shoes are made, according to the Good Year Welted.

Unlike glued soles this technique gives a flexible framework to the midsole. This makes the boot many times more flexible and provides more comfort when walking, resulting in less tiredness when walking. In the span of about 15 days the shoe itself will have fitted entirely to the anatomy of the foot and not the other way around. The ventilating waterproof cork layer between insole and outsole provides a wonderfully comfortable foot bed in the individual form of the foot. Additionally it naturally insulates against moisture and advancing cold.

Direct contact

We from Boots and Woods choose our suppliers with care and maintain the daily contact with them. This way we can monitor the quality of our boots and other products and can discuss directly the needs of our customers with our suppliers.

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Boots and Woods is your supplier when it comes to exclusive handmade boots where quality is highly valued. In our Spanish workshops all our models are made by hand in the traditional way, using only natural materials.

We are committed to high quality with a sophisticated stylish look while keeping a very good price/quality ratio and a unique customer friendliness service. In the future we will be introducing our products in some other European countries, such as Germany, Belgium and Scandinavia.